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Our email sales leads and data are compatible with all leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Email Delivery Platforms, plus our on-boarding team can always help with any integration issues.

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Account based marketing

By using a wealth of data-points and external validation options, we add a new level of profiling and verification to each lead that we generate for your email marketing campaigns.

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Validating leads & data

All of our data goes through a primary verification process (PVP) which interrogates the lead, questioning the validity of it’s IP address, Geo Location, Email Address and Company Credentials. The score generated at this stage then decides which level of repair and appending is required.

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The numbers

We are constantly improving our key performance indicators in order that we can provide our clients with the most effective lead generation platform within the market place today.


Additional Data Verification Points

We currently use 134 active data verification data points to enhance and expand the effectiveness of our sales leads.


Leads Generated Each Day

During August 2020 we generated and processed an average of 18,338 per day for our growing audience of clients.


Email Delivery Success Rate

The average email delivery rate achieved when using our email sales leads with industry leading delivery platforms.